Senin, 07 November 2011

~Poet: My Star~

I made this poet (about star) long time ago

second grade of senior high school (maybe ?)

I find it today in my old book :)
sorry for the grammar if it was'nt good enough :P

My Star

You like a star
in a night without moonlight
a bit of light, a little hope
arise in my heart to reach you

But why are you so bright?
in the middle of the darkness night
making my heart skip a beat
by looking at you

Star, you are the direction
when I lose my way
when I don't have any destination
your shadow is always engraved in my mind

You are my spirit
when desperation haunts me
I feel calm
although there's anxiety

But, I can't reach you forever
you belong to everyone
I live in a shade of shadow
and you are too bright

But, even though I shattered into pieces
over and over again, until there's no hope
this heart won't change
I will be happy, eternally
in a glance of you

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